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Nestled in the heart of the 560,000-acre Apalachicola National Forest is Liberty Wilderness Crossroads Camp.  LWCC is a Level Six Residential Commitment Program that is specifically designed to habilitate youth who have been sent to us from the Department of Juvenile Justice.  We are committed to providing each youth with individual treatment and multi-layered interventions designed to help them become successful, law-abiding citizens.  Our youth are at a “crossroads” in their lives and desperately need a healthy, structured environment, with positive caring adults to educate and encourage them toward successful living.  Liberty Wilderness Crossroads Camp addresses the needs of troubled youth and their families.  We concentrate on building self-esteem, social skills, life skills, vocational skills, work ethic, problem solving skills, accepting responsibility, and acknowledging a Higher Being, along with teaching other competencies to assist in the development for our youth and their families.  We concentrate on reducing risk factors such as mental health and substance abuse issues, impulse control and anger management.


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Updated 18 September, 2006

Our Mission

To provide a unique setting with a balanced approach which leads to successful and safe integration of the youth into the family and the community as a responsible, productive and accountable citizen.



Our Vision

To forever touch the life of each youth and family that passes our way by fulfilling the spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social needs.